Posted October 07, 2018 08:17:07The electronic drum craze continues to grow with the latest electronic drum kit.

A new trend has emerged that sees a plethora of electronic drums used in various genres, from house to funk, hip-hop and rock.

Some drummers, like Drummer Jon Gasser, say they like the electronic drum sound.

They say it has a warm, melodic sound, and it is easy to get into.

“I think it’s awesome, I love the feel of it,” said Gasser.

“It sounds so much better than my old drum kit and it’s not the same as my old drums.

It’s a different sound, it’s a whole new sound.”

One drummers favorite electronic drum is the new Yamaha DX50.

“My drum kit is a Yamaha DX30.

It has a vintage feel to it, but it’s an awesome drum kit,” said drummer Kyle Taggart.

He says the DX50 is the best of the electronic drums.

“I can tell the difference,” said Taggard.

“You can tell it’s vintage and it doesn’t have any plastic or electronics on it, and you can really hear the drum hits.”

“When I got my DX50 I wasn’t sure if it was a true drum kit, or if I was going to get the new one because it sounds so similar,” said Drummer Kyle Tiggart.

The Yamaha DX60 has a new sound.

“The Yamaha DX80 is the drum that I would want to get.

The sound is a whole different level of sound.

It really gives you that warm sound that you don’t get from my old DX50,” said the Yamaha DX20.

Some electronic drummers also love the vintage look of their old drums, which can be found on the vintage electronic drums section of eBay.

Some people also say they prefer the warm, classic feel of their vintage drums.

For those who like the warm sound of their drum kits, the new electronic drum kits have a good sound to them.

“That’s a drum kit that I’ve always wanted to get, that sounds like the old days, I’ve been using it for years and years and I’m glad I got it,” explained Drummer Jake Storz, who owns the classic electronic drums site Dime of Joy.

Jake says he’s looking forward to the new drums.

“They are the most comfortable drums that I have ever owned,” said Jake Storbz.

Jake said he has been playing drums for many years.

“They sound really good and the sound is so warm,” said Storwz.

Storws favorite vintage electronic drum set is the Yamaha FX-60.

“Its the best drum set I’ve ever owned, I could feel the drum hitting every time I hit it,” he said.

“If you get a drum set that sounds as good as this you’ll get a lot of pleasure out of it.”

Some electronic drumheads love the way the drum sounds.

“What really catches my eye with the Yamaha is the sound.

When you get into it, it has that vintage feel, and that feels like a vintage sound,” said one electronic drummer.

“And it sounds like it’s being played on a Yamaha,” said another.

The new Yamaha electronic drumset has a nice, warm sound.

The drum kit has an electric feel to the pads, which are made of aluminum.

“One of the things that makes the Yamaha so special is that the pads have a really nice, metallic feel to them,” said a percussionist.

“When you get on the Yamaha you can feel the pads on the pads and that’s a really great feeling,” said percussionist Kyle Tuck.

“As far as the sound, you get an electric sound that feels different than your old drum set.

It feels a little bit different.

That’s one thing that really grabs me about the Yamaha,” added Kyle Tuggles favorite electronic percussion set.”

The Yamaha sounds fantastic,” said Kyle Toggs favorite drum kit.”

It’s really comfortable to play and has a really good sound.

You can hear the bass coming out of the drums and it sounds nice, and the drums have that warm, vintage feel.

And you can hear a lot more feedback, and when you get the drum kit you can play it with no problem,” said Connor Smith.

Connor Smith also has a Yamaha drum set and he loves it.

“A Yamaha is an amazing drum kit because it is a great drum set,” said Smith.

Smith says he likes the sound of the Yamaha drum kit a lot.

“At first I thought the Yamaha would be too much like the other old drum kits.

But once you get past the price, the Yamaha drums are just as good,” said his favorite electronic drummer.

“Great sound, great sound,” says Connor Smith of the new drum kits sound.

“It’s the best