The NFL has a history of looking for new revenue streams and trying to get back to a revenue model that doesn’t rely heavily on cable or broadcast rights, league officials told the Associated Press.

A source with knowledge of the league’s thinking said it’s an “extremely competitive business” but said there is a desire to find ways to expand into new markets and new niches.

The NFL said in January that it was “actively considering” purchasing a radio rights company.

It did not respond to a request for comment on whether the league plans to make that decision.

In addition to buying the company, the league could use the deal to buy more TV rights to sell on NFL Network, a separate league-owned network that has been in the works for several years, sources said.

The league also could use those deals to buy other sports content, including movies and television shows.

NFL owner Robert Kraft is known for his deep pockets and his push for a bigger and better league.

His son, Tom, is a billionaire and co-chairman of Kraft Heinz Co. Sources familiar with the talks said the NFL is exploring a variety of opportunities to expand its TV business, including the sale of a network that will air the NFL Network and other NFL programming, possibly via satellite.

“We are actively looking at various avenues to further expand our reach in a variety to different markets, which would allow us to take advantage of our growing digital footprint,” a league official said in a statement.

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