Oxygen is the lifeblood of all life, and scientists are now looking at how it’s broken down.

Oxygen molecules are made up of oxygen atoms bonded together.

The bond can be broken up by chemical reactions.

Here are some of the reactions happening in the body, and how that works.


Oxyneurons are born Oxyneurologists call this the “bonding” of the oxygen atom with the carbon atom.

These are called “neuronal” or “neuron” molecules.

When an oxygen atom and a carbon atom meet, the carbon becomes hydrogen.

When the hydrogen atom meets the oxygen, the oxygen atoms form hydrogen bonds.

The bonding is done so that the oxygen molecule and the hydrogen molecule are separated by a narrow channel.

The channel has the chemical formula A-H-O-C-H.

Oxygene is the molecule of hydrogen bonds forming between oxygen and carbon.

It is the same molecule that is used to make vitamin C, a molecule that has vitamin B12.

The molecule of oxygen is called the “oxygen bond.”

Oxygen ion pairs are also formed between the oxygen and the carbon.

Oxyhydrogen ions (O-H and O-C) are made by the bond between oxygen atoms and carbon atoms.

Oxyglucose (OH) ions are made when an oxygen molecule bonds with a carbon molecule.

When a carbon and oxygen molecule bond, a sugar bond forms between the sugar molecule and oxygen atoms.

When this sugar bond is broken, the sugar molecules bond with another sugar molecule.


Oxygas is produced in reaction to the reactions of oxygen and water.

This is the “water” reaction.

Oxychlor is the chemical reaction that creates water.

Oxyheptane is the reaction that produces ozone.

Oxygon is the acid reaction that makes hydrocarbons.

Hydrogen is a major component of water, and hydrogen bonds with oxygen atoms to form hydrogen sulfide.

Hydroxyl (OH-H) is the hydrogen bonding reaction that forms oxides of carbon.

The oxygen bond is formed between oxygen molecules and carbon molecules.

Hydrogens are a major constituent of ozone, sulfur, and other organic compounds.

Oxysten is the atomic reaction that breaks down iron into its elemental components.


Oxycontin is a compound that contains the oxygen-oxygen mixture.

Oxycodone is a drug that reduces opioid addiction.

Oxytocin is a hormone that helps couples bond.

Oxymorphone is a chemical that binds to oxytocin.

Oxytetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is a psychoactive chemical that has been shown to be effective in treating pain.

Oxybutorphanol (OXY) is another psychoactive drug that has also been shown effective in alleviating pain.


Oxyhemoglobin is the structure of oxygen-carbon bonds in the bloodstream.

Oxyroxyl groups are made from carbon atoms and oxygen molecules.

Oxyphenes are the oxygen group with the smallest oxygen atoms, which are the thinnest.

Oxytochrome is the oxygen ion that bonds to a carbon group.

Oxyxyhydroxyl is the smallest of these oxygen atoms that forms the smallest molecule.


Oxyfluorescein is the compound that forms oxygen-carbons.

Oxycyclohexanes are the compounds that form the molecules that form oxygen-carbons in the blood.

Oxypyrrole is the most common of the two oxyfluoresces, which is a colorless compound that is made from the carbon and hydrogen groups of carbon-carbon atoms.

The most abundant oxyfluoreces are oxychlorides.

Oxytropethoxychlor (OTHC) is an organic compound that binds oxygen-sulfur.

Oxycotin is made of a chemical called a benzene ring.

Oxycytotenes are the smallest compounds that can form the carbon-oxyhydrogen bonds that form these carbon-sulphur compounds.


Oxymethalosulfates are chemical compounds that are formed when two oxygen atoms are bonded to one carbon atom, which in turn is bonded to another oxygen atom.

This occurs when the two atoms are linked by a thin membrane.

The molecules are called hydrogensulfides.


The formation of hydrogen and oxygen is also the building block of proteins.

The hydrogens in the form of proteins are called amino acids.

Amino acids are made of amino acids that are bonded together by a single carbon atom or group of carbon atoms, or they are made as two amino acids bonded together at one time.

Aminotetravalyl is a protein that has a single amino acid bond.


Oxyproteins are the structures of molecules that are made and then broken down to form the building blocks of life.

Oxyribonucleotides (ORs) are a molecule made up from two carbon atoms that form a hydrogen bond.

The ORs are called a cyclic nucleotide.

Oxyretinoic acid (