A mystery box electronic drum set has been given away by a mystery box owner.

An electron configuration diagram (ECD) was used to define the electron state of a drum set.

The drum set was sold at the mystery box on Saturday.

The set was purchased for $99.95 and sold for $49.99.

An unidentified mystery box seller said that the drum set contains the electron configuration of a Fender electric bass drum.

“I’m really impressed with the quality of this drum set,” the mystery seller wrote in an email to ABC News.

“The electronic design of this set is quite impressive and will be very helpful for anyone who wants to experiment with the quantum dots,” the seller added.

“There is also a large variety of other configurations, which can be configured by tapping on the drum pad.”

Electron configurations were defined by the quantum dot, a form of quantum dots that have been used for years to experimentally observe how light interacts with matter.

Quantum dots are a new class of quantum particles with the potential to offer a wide range of new opportunities to explore and study the nature of the universe, according to the University of Chicago.

The Fender bass drum, a classic example of the type of drum set used in mystery boxes, was purchased in the New York City area in 2011 for $14,800.