How much electricity do you need to use an electronic kit?

With more than two dozen devices in our homes, it can be hard to know what we’re using and where it’s going.So we asked an expert in the field to give us a quick rundown of the basics and what you should look for when buying a new electronic kit.The basics of an electronic deviceWe […]

How to buy electronic gadgets that use your brain

Two months after it launched its first product, Fred Meyer Electronics is launching an online electronics store that promises to sell gadgets that help you focus.The company’s online store, called Fred Meyers Electronics, offers electronics that have the same electronic qualities as its physical retail stores, including the same electronics that were used in Fred […]

How to Use the Electric Frontier Foundation’s Research for Solar Energy Sources: Bloomberg

As the U.S. economy faces an energy shortage, a $1.2 trillion-a-year shortfall in demand for electricity, some experts say that energy companies must find new ways to harness the renewable energy power that’s been made possible by the rise of electric cars and home solar panels.The foundation has become a key player in the race […]