Cheap, fast, powerful lithium ion battery: Cheap, easy, portable electron cigarette

Cheap, cheap, fast.These are the key descriptors for an electronic cigarette that offers convenience, battery life, and performance.But if you want to find out what makes a good e-cigarette, the first step is to determine what to buy.The answer, of course, depends on the product.And if you’re in the market for a lithium ion e-cig, […]

How to build the first electronic games console

The world’s first electronic game console is expected to debut this month in a small village outside Moscow, the first step toward a wider market for the hardware.In a conference call on Tuesday, Mikhail Prokopov, the chief executive officer of the Moscow-based Energia, which owns and operates the machine, said it is scheduled to debut […]

The Cool Electronics Revolution

By John Vidal The Cool Electron configuration (CEC) is the most complex and complex circuit design in electronics, but it’s a fascinating subject to study.While it’s been a bit of a black hole of information for the past few decades, there’s now a growing body of literature that provides insight into the evolution of CECs.In […]