Fry’s Electronics sells cool electronics online

The online electronics retailer Fry’s Electronic Store sells cool gadgets such as computers, laptops, microwaves and refrigerators online for $5 a pop.“It’s a good way to get into electronics for the younger demographic,” said co-owner Tony G. Fry.Gifts for kids are also available online.“There are so many toys and games available online that we would […]

How to Make an Electronically Controlled Chip for Driving the World’s Next Biggest Solar Power Generator

By the time solar power is deployed in every corner of the globe, it will have revolutionized energy generation.With this technology, it is possible to harness vast amounts of energy from a single, massive sun-powered power plant, and in so doing produce enough electricity for every household in the world.In the United States, it’s estimated […]

Which electronics will be made with the new ‘electronium’ material?

The discovery of the new compound, known as ‘electrons’, is an important step towards making electronics with the right properties.These new compounds are able to store more energy and produce more light, making them an ideal conductor for electronic devices, which rely on electricity.“There’s a huge amount of research that’s been done on the properties […]