How to turn your iPhone into an Electrolyte Meter

By now you probably have a battery charge indicator on your phone.You’ll probably have one lying around or somewhere.If you do, you probably also have an LED light attached to the battery, which is a pretty cool way to get an idea of how much energy you’re using.The problem is that it’s pretty easy to […]

The Case for using lithium ion to make superconductors

The lithium ion is a highly versatile metal that has a variety of applications from superconductivity to light transmission, from biomedical devices to high-speed rail cars.Now, researchers have shown that it can be used to make high-performance, superconducting magnets.The work is published online in the journal Nature Communications.The researchers say their findings could pave the […]

How to use a smartphone with Philips Electronics to control a remote control

A remote control from a smartphone, and a few other gadgets, are the best way to control some of the most common electronic devices on the market.That includes smart speakers, light bulbs, cameras, even a smart home hub.However, if you need to control something else, it’s a bit trickier.To control a device, you’ll need to […]

When a Tesla-powered electric car crashes into an NJ bus

A bus was forced to pull over for a short time after a Tesla Model S sedan collided with a NJ Transit bus in Newark, New Jersey, on Sunday.The crash happened at approximately 8:30 p.m.ET.The Model S hit the front of the bus, and a passenger was thrown to the ground.The driver of the Tesla, […]