Which electronic store is best for electronic music?

It’s a question many customers are asking, but it’s not one that has been decided yet.According to the Electronic Music Association, about a third of all Americans aged 15 to 49 spend about $100 a year on music, and about 60% of them buy digital music.But while a lot of that spending is done online, […]

A study finds a barium ion can be used to detect electronic signatures in electronic signatures

By Jennifer WillsBuzzfeedA study finds barium ions can be detected in electronic signature PDFs.It’s an interesting and novel result, but one that requires further research.The new research paper, published in the journal ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, is titled “An optical barium-based device for detection of electronic signatures.”It’s written by researchers at the University of […]

How to make the best of an electric guitar by playing with an electric tuner

When the idea of playing an electric instrument with a tuner came up in our office, I was a little hesitant.It would require some serious skill and precision, and the cost would be quite high.Luckily, our engineer, Dan, showed us a video that demonstrated the possibilities of a tunable electric guitar.I was hooked.I wanted to […]