How to measure mass of electron from an electron configuration diagram

Electron configuration diagrams are a powerful way to identify a mass of an electron, but they aren’t always accurate.Here, we’ll explore some common errors in electron configuration diagrams and show you how to fix them.How mass is determined on the diagram of an atomElectron configuration charts can be useful for measuring mass of ions and […]

How to Make a Solar System on a Solar Cell

The technology to make a solar system is almost here.The only question is how to charge it and store it.The answer may surprise you.Here’s a look at the solar cell, the battery, and the electrodes that make up the system.You might also like

The Case for using lithium ion to make superconductors

The lithium ion is a highly versatile metal that has a variety of applications from superconductivity to light transmission, from biomedical devices to high-speed rail cars.Now, researchers have shown that it can be used to make high-performance, superconducting magnets.The work is published online in the journal Nature Communications.The researchers say their findings could pave the […]

When the world gets smart, lithium-ion batteries are key

The world’s leading electric car manufacturer has introduced a lithium-metal-air battery that it says will be the “world’s most energy-efficient.”The lithium-air batteries will provide more energy per kilowatt-hour than the existing lithium-polymer battery, but are lighter and cost more.Tesla said the batteries could go on sale by the end of 2018.Tesla has been working on […]

Lithium battery pack: What it’s like to be the first to use it

Posted by Mark on November 13, 2018 12:00:55The world’s first lithium-ion battery pack, a prototype of which was unveiled at a research lab in Berlin last week, is now the world’s fastest.The new battery packs are designed to be made with only five percent nickel and are capable of storing more energy than lithium batteries, […]