How do the electrons in the ionosphere interact with the world around them?

The electronosphere, or ionosphere, is a layer of electrically charged air and water molecules.The ionosphere is the boundary between the Earth’s atmosphere and the solar atmosphere, and acts as a barrier between the two.Like the earth’s atmosphere, it is composed of electrified air molecules.In this case, electrons are the ions of the air.They interact with […]

Germanium-based hydrogen electrolyzer has a potential for powering the world’s power grids

Germany’s first commercial hydrogen-based electrolyzer will be tested on a small scale at the end of the year, and the results could make the world a cleaner, greener place.The company behind the project, Green-POWER, announced last week that it will conduct a battery test in a lab, and is planning to test it in the […]

Lithium battery pack: What it’s like to be the first to use it

Posted by Mark on November 13, 2018 12:00:55The world’s first lithium-ion battery pack, a prototype of which was unveiled at a research lab in Berlin last week, is now the world’s fastest.The new battery packs are designed to be made with only five percent nickel and are capable of storing more energy than lithium batteries, […]