What’s in a chlorine atom?

Posted August 14, 2019 06:23:37 It’s a chemical compound that makes up 99.9999% of the water in the world, but it’s also been used as a building block in electronics, plastics, solar cells, and solar cells for years.Now, researchers from Stanford and MIT are trying to figure out how the atoms in these materials are […]

U.S. to give up bulk mail on paper recycling by 2021

By DANIEL LEHMAN Editor-in-ChiefThe United States is about to give in to pressure to scrap paper recycling and will abandon bulk mail as an electronic recycling option, the National Recycling Council said in a report Wednesday.The council, an industry group that represents companies that recycle, recycles and recyclizes paper, said it would be dropping its […]

Algae and algae photosynthetic cells are key to life on Earth

A team of researchers led by scientists at UC Davis has found that a new class of photosynthetically active algae has been discovered in the ocean off the coast of southern California.The researchers discovered a type of algae that produces carbon dioxide and other compounds.The findings could have major implications for the way that organisms […]