Why you should never leave your e-cigarettes out of reach

The best electronic cigarettes have been around for decades, but the best quality ones are getting a new lease on life.As a result, many of the best electronic devices now available to users are now available for free to anyone with an internet connection.This year, a new breed of e-cigarette is on the horizon, and […]

When Is the Best Time to Start a Battery Company?

The answer depends on the type of battery, which is what makes battery companies special.Here’s a look at when it makes sense to start a company and what kind of company you should start.Start a battery company when you are not ready to sell.You don’t need to have the cash flow to run a business.You […]

‘I’ve got a problem’: How a DIY device works

The next-generation electronic parts maker has made an interesting claim.The company, called Electronic Components Inc, has made a device that uses “microelectronic components” to power a small lightbulb.“It’s a simple device that is designed to light up a single LED lightbulbe when the lightbulbs light up,” the company says in its Kickstarter page.“There are no […]