What are electron configuration calculators and why do they matter?

Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) researcher, Michael Shulman, has an article in the IEEE Transactions on Information Theory about electron configuration machines, which are the heart of quantum computing.He writes, “The first electronic circuit consists of a single bit of silicon, a single resistor, and a small voltage divider, and the second electronic circuit is made […]

Why Electronic Frontier Foundation is working with the Electronic Frontier foundation to support the transition of electronic border controls

The Electronic Frontier Foundations (EFF) is one of many organizations that have come together to push for changes in the U.S. border security infrastructure to improve the lives of immigrants and refugees.In recent months, we have also worked with a number of other organizations to help ease the transition away from the use of the […]

How to get the most out of your electronic vapor cigarette

Electronic vaporizers can be used for everything from smoking to vaping.But the biggest use for them is as an aid to your ecstacy.Now you can have the most of both at once.This article gives you an overview of the most popular models.

How to Use the Electric Frontier Foundation’s Research for Solar Energy Sources: Bloomberg

As the U.S. economy faces an energy shortage, a $1.2 trillion-a-year shortfall in demand for electricity, some experts say that energy companies must find new ways to harness the renewable energy power that’s been made possible by the rise of electric cars and home solar panels.The foundation has become a key player in the race […]

The Cool Electronics Revolution

By John Vidal The Cool Electron configuration (CEC) is the most complex and complex circuit design in electronics, but it’s a fascinating subject to study.While it’s been a bit of a black hole of information for the past few decades, there’s now a growing body of literature that provides insight into the evolution of CECs.In […]