Why are the Chinese Electrons so hot?

Two years ago, when a group of scientists published a study detailing how the world’s super-powerful electric fields are being unleashed in the air, we were all excited.And for good reason.For years, our planet had been slowly turning into a giant electromagnetic bomb, with the potential to change the way we live, work and play.The […]

How to make a transistor, a transistor is, and how it’s changing the world

A transistor, the fundamental building block of today’s electronic devices, is poised to transform the way we all interact with the world.In its simplest form, a transistors transistor is a semiconductor.But in its most sophisticated form, the transistor is what gives the transistor its remarkable power.Transistors are one of the most fundamental building blocks of […]

What is electron?

The electron has an electric charge and is a component of the atomic structure of atoms and molecules.The electron’s position within a material’s electron shell determines its electrical charge.The electron has a spin, a rotation of its electron, and an electromagnetic force.An electron is not a particle, and its spin is not affected by the […]