Why are cobalt electron configurations so important for electron capture?

I started out as a scientist in physics and computer science, but the world has changed.In this time, we have a much broader field of expertise, and that’s one reason why I decided to join the electron capturing world.The research and development of electronic materials and electronics has changed drastically in the last 20 years, […]

Tesla’s new lithium ion battery could go up to 500 miles per charge

By Tom Gilliam and Alex Seaman / Bloomberg New York, Oct. 10 (Bloomberg) Tesla Motors Inc. is unveiling a new battery pack that promises to surpass the company’s previous lithium ion technology.Tesla CEO Elon Musk is calling it the Tesla Energy Battery.The lithium ion batteries are being designed to use a new process to separate […]

Algae and algae photosynthetic cells are key to life on Earth

A team of researchers led by scientists at UC Davis has found that a new class of photosynthetically active algae has been discovered in the ocean off the coast of southern California.The researchers discovered a type of algae that produces carbon dioxide and other compounds.The findings could have major implications for the way that organisms […]

How to keep your electrical equipment from being stolen

Electronic repair shops are known to have a reputation for stealing equipment, but what happens when your electrical wiring has been damaged?That’s where Electron withdrawing groups come in.These are groups of electronics enthusiasts that use a small electrical box and a little money to buy electronics that they can repair or replace at a cost […]