How to Make the Most of Vanadium Electron Components

The Vanadium atom is a semiconductor.It’s used to make electronic components, like switches and sensors, but is also used in some of the most basic of all electronics: the radio.When it comes to radio communications, it’s a bit different.The atoms of the two most common kinds of electrons (called proton and electron) are very different.Protons […]

How to use electron transport chains to accelerate your battery pack

It’s a new and different approach to batteries that promises to deliver up to 25% energy savings and to accelerate a battery’s lifespan.The new technology, known as the electron transport system (ETS), could allow batteries to be used in electric cars, solar panels, and other electric vehicles, according to Bloomberg News.ETS is a system of […]

Jay electronica definition of electron

Electronic vapor cigarettes have been touted as a safer alternative to traditional cigarettes, with researchers at Purdue University finding that they emit fewer carcinogens than conventional cigarettes.But researchers at the university also say the devices are also less effective than traditional cigarettes.The new research shows that the electron emission from electronic vapor cigarettes is lower […]