How do the electrons in the ionosphere interact with the world around them?

The electronosphere, or ionosphere, is a layer of electrically charged air and water molecules.The ionosphere is the boundary between the Earth’s atmosphere and the solar atmosphere, and acts as a barrier between the two.Like the earth’s atmosphere, it is composed of electrified air molecules.In this case, electrons are the ions of the air.They interact with […]

Electric motors could save the world

A new type of battery has been developed to generate electric power from helium.By harnessing the force of electrons, the new battery could have the potential to power a variety of products including electric cars, airplanes, drones and other vehicles.The research was conducted by scientists at the University of New South Wales in Australia and […]

How to make electronic signatures disappear in your e-mail signature

It’s no secret that signing an e-mails can be quite difficult.We’re often left in the dark about what we’re signing.In some cases, signing an email takes a while.And while we can try to be as clever as possible, a simple mistake could be the difference between getting a reply and getting a message.That’s why there’s […]