Why does the water on our planet look red?

The atmosphere is a big part of the picture.The surface layer is red because it contains a lot of hydrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide.It is a lot denser than the surface of the earth.Water absorbs the light reflected from the sun and reflects it back.That light then bounces back and forth on the surface.This radiation […]

When Is the Best Time to Start a Battery Company?

The answer depends on the type of battery, which is what makes battery companies special.Here’s a look at when it makes sense to start a company and what kind of company you should start.Start a battery company when you are not ready to sell.You don’t need to have the cash flow to run a business.You […]

What is electron?

The electron has an electric charge and is a component of the atomic structure of atoms and molecules.The electron’s position within a material’s electron shell determines its electrical charge.The electron has a spin, a rotation of its electron, and an electromagnetic force.An electron is not a particle, and its spin is not affected by the […]