How to Use a Barium Valence Electron Chart for the Ears

Electrons are the fundamental building blocks of matter and the foundation of all electronic devices.This is the same for all electrical devices.Barium ions, which make up all atoms, form electron configuration sheets, or ECMs, that control how electricity is transmitted.This chart uses the ECM to explain the electrical properties of a barium ion.Bar-valence electron chart […]

Why does my computer say the wrong number?

My computer has been reporting a different number to me for weeks now.It’s not just because I’m having a bad day, I’m on vacation, or something else that might be causing it.It seems to be happening every time I open a new tab, click a link, or tap on a menu item.But this time, it’s […]

‘No silver’: A new strategy to prevent global warming

By Yves BrossardPublished August 02, 2018 08:01:56In a global warming scenario, it’s expected that the Earth will experience more than 5 degrees Celsius of warming by the end of the century.It’s estimated that the effects of the warming would include a doubling of the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and a dramatic increase […]