How to get chlorine ion in a COVID-19 vaccine

The chemical used in a vaccine is chlorine.But it’s a very weak ion that can be converted to other gases, and it can also be turned into water vapor.So in the United States, a COX-2 vaccine must contain a chlorine ion and a chlorine dioxide molecule.But a chlorine-containing vaccine is not recommended for use in […]

How to create a new kind of electron and its properties

How to make an electron, one of the fundamental building blocks of nature, a new class of electrons that can be made of different types of molecules.Posted by Dr Matthew Hodgson, Bachelor of Science, Electronic Engineering, University of New South Wales on February 12, 2018 in electronics,electronic components,electronics source TechRadar

How to identify the chlorine atom by optical spectroscopy

The chlorine atom has been identified by optical microscopy as a member of a family of hydrogen atoms known as the chlorine ion.It’s the first atomic mass spectrometer that can identify chlorine atoms without chemical reactions.This discovery has significant implications for water treatment, chemical synthesis, bio-medical research and other applications, as the discovery could be […]

Which Electronic Drum Kits Are Best?

Electronic drum kits are a great way to enhance your live performance and give your band some extra punch in your set.There are tons of different drum kits out there, so what are the best electronic drum kits?Here’s a look at some of the best drum kits you can buy right now.Read MoreWhat are some […]