How do the electrons in the ionosphere interact with the world around them?

The electronosphere, or ionosphere, is a layer of electrically charged air and water molecules.The ionosphere is the boundary between the Earth’s atmosphere and the solar atmosphere, and acts as a barrier between the two.Like the earth’s atmosphere, it is composed of electrified air molecules.In this case, electrons are the ions of the air.They interact with […]

How to build a carbon-free crypto currency and avoid the risk of a carbon bubble

Crypto coins are a new breed of digital currency.They have a very high value and are not backed by a government, but they are not controlled by a central bank.They are still very risky, and it is possible to lose your crypto if you invest in a wrong investment.We take a look at how crypto […]

How to use a COVID-19 vaccine to protect your skin

On March 9, the world witnessed a milestone in the fight against COVID: The first human case of the coronavirus was confirmed in the United States, and the virus has since spread throughout the world.This has been the most rapid and deadly coronaviral pandemic since 1918, with more than 6,000 deaths, and a global toll […]

FourFour Two

FourFourThe four-part series looks at the most exciting ideas for harnessing the energy of the universe.This week, we’ll look at the idea of building a “barium” atom.Barium is an element that has been found in a number of compounds.It’s a common element in our environment, but there’s another element in the periodic table that scientists […]