Which electron shielding devices are best?

Electron shielding devices protect electronics against electromagnetic radiation from the environment.They can help to mitigate some of the risk of electromagnetic radiation, such as from mobile phones and other wireless devices.But they can also provide protection against harmful energy such as radio waves, which can be used to harm electronic components.To find out whether the […]

Samsung Electronics, Panasonic, LG Electronics to enter a joint venture to bring solar power to the grid

Samsung Electronics has joined Panasonic Corp., LG Electronics, and Sharp Corp. in a joint bid to bring electricity from solar panels to the power grid.In a statement, Samsung said the joint venture will enable it to produce solar panels with more than 10 times the energy efficiency of today’s commercially available products.Samsung said the two […]

Dow Electronics will dispose of its electron manufacturing business.

Dow Electronics announced in a regulatory filing Monday that it would dispose of the manufacturing business and a related facility it had established in Germany, including the electrical-power manufacturing unit.Dow said in the filing that it was closing the German facility.Dow had operated the German manufacturing business since the late 1970s.The company’s electric-power division, which […]

Why Electron is so awesome: The best electrical devices in a pocket

The electronic devices you can use today are largely made of carbon-based materials.That’s good for battery life and the overall environment, but not so great for cooling and power consumption.Electrons are different.In a nutshell, electrons are not only very strong, but they can also be produced from a number of different sources.The energy released by […]

Top 20 Cheap Electric Components

In a series of articles published in January 2017, we explore the most important, underappreciated, and sometimes overlooked components in today’s electronics and electronics systems.We explore the history of these components and their role in the evolution of electronic devices, the evolution and evolution of electronics and the evolution in the industry as a whole.Today’s […]