What Is a Mass of Electron and Why Are They Important?

Posted November 14, 2018 04:07:31In the past two decades, scientists have found new types of electrons in the periodic table, like the one that makes up the nucleus of an atom, and discovered that the electron is also a source of energy for other particles, like stars and other starships.Now a new paper in Nature […]

Which cryptocurrencies are you banking on?

In an age where virtual currencies are becoming mainstream, one is starting to see interest in the world of cryptocurrencies.In fact, it’s almost like Bitcoin is starting a bubble.But with a twist.The Bitcoin bubble is now so big that the Bitcoin blockchain, a record of all the transactions in the cryptocurrency, is growing at an […]

‘It’s an amazing achievement’: Argon Valentine inks in the brain of a 3D printer

article Artificial Intelligence has given us the ability to understand the meaning of words, but what if you could use that knowledge to create an artificial intelligence?Or at least, an intelligent computer.Arguably the most promising candidate is a 3-D printer.With 3D printers, you can make a 3d object with the help of software, which takes […]