Why do protons and electron have an attractive property?

Posted October 24, 2018 09:47:33 The physics of protons are complex and can be tricky to grasp, so what exactly does this particle do?It’s the most abundant element in the universe, and scientists are discovering new ones as they investigate how it functions.Here we look at the fundamental nature of proton’s physics and how we […]

Algae and algae photosynthetic cells are key to life on Earth

A team of researchers led by scientists at UC Davis has found that a new class of photosynthetically active algae has been discovered in the ocean off the coast of southern California.The researchers discovered a type of algae that produces carbon dioxide and other compounds.The findings could have major implications for the way that organisms […]

How to get your next Tesla electric car to have aluminum valence electron batteries

How to make your next electric car with aluminum valance electrons.In the past, most electric cars had batteries made of aluminum, but now the batteries can be made from carbon fiber or titanium.The aluminum is then mixed with an electrolyte to make the battery.The result is a liquid electrolyte.The electrolyte is used to make a […]

US military wants to use aluminum to build nuclear weapons

Axios article US military officials have quietly begun work on a project to use lithium to build a nuclear weapon, according to a top official familiar with the plans.The development is expected to be completed this year and would give the U.S. the ability to build two of the most advanced nuclear weapons ever, according […]

The Sulfur Ion Circuit and the Silver Liquid Film on the Atom

by Eric B. Pape, Jr., Jr. article by Pape et al. article description Sulfurous oxygen ions, which can form hydrogen bonds with other metals and other molecules, are produced in an ionic state by the ionic potential produced by sulfuric acid, and they are released when the pH drops.This ionic process, called oxidation, is essential […]