How to protect your battery from overcharging

When you recharge your phone, the battery can get full and your phone will start to overheat.If you don’t take steps to protect the battery, it can catch fire.A battery overheats and can catch on fire.It can also catch fire when it’s charging a charger.It’s easy to catch fire if you accidentally discharge the battery […]

Why are cobalt electron configurations so important for electron capture?

I started out as a scientist in physics and computer science, but the world has changed.In this time, we have a much broader field of expertise, and that’s one reason why I decided to join the electron capturing world.The research and development of electronic materials and electronics has changed drastically in the last 20 years, […]

Why do some electronic cigarette users hate their new electronic drums?

Posted October 07, 2018 08:17:07The electronic drum craze continues to grow with the latest electronic drum kit.A new trend has emerged that sees a plethora of electronic drums used in various genres, from house to funk, hip-hop and rock.Some drummers, like Drummer Jon Gasser, say they like the electronic drum sound.They say it has a […]

Beryllia electron configurations, electron configuration and the ‘tit for tat’ policy

A new Beryllo electron configuration has been unveiled at a recent meeting of the International Electron Device Association (IEDEA).The new configuration, which was presented at the IEDEA 2017 Meeting of the IAEA, is an improvement over the previous configuration, according to IEDA President Michael D. Leung.He said that the new design, which is designed to […]

‘No silver’: A new strategy to prevent global warming

By Yves BrossardPublished August 02, 2018 08:01:56In a global warming scenario, it’s expected that the Earth will experience more than 5 degrees Celsius of warming by the end of the century.It’s estimated that the effects of the warming would include a doubling of the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and a dramatic increase […]

Japanese Electron Device Workshops Create “Super-Efficient” Photonic Electronics – TechNews

Japanese Electrons (E), which are made up of photons, are the “atom of the electronic world.”They have an electric charge that makes them conductive and they are the main source of energy in the electron shell.In their electronic shells, electrons move around, they can change their spin, they are able to move in a magnetic […]

How to beat the flu in the summer

The world is heading towards another pandemic, which has already been declared in Europe and in the US, where the World Health Organization has warned more than a million people have died in the past three years.Dr Daniel Nachmanoff of the University of Southampton and his colleagues have been studying how people can prepare themselves […]

How to stop electronic waste from polluting the atmosphere

An international coalition of scientists is urging governments to ban the sale of electronic waste to countries around the world.The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) has also called on countries to do the same, warning that the use of electronic goods to produce goods, such as mobile phones and laptops, poses a serious threat to […]

The Case for using lithium ion to make superconductors

The lithium ion is a highly versatile metal that has a variety of applications from superconductivity to light transmission, from biomedical devices to high-speed rail cars.Now, researchers have shown that it can be used to make high-performance, superconducting magnets.The work is published online in the journal Nature Communications.The researchers say their findings could pave the […]

What you need to know about the Yamaha electric drum machine

Posted February 01, 2018 08:00:01Electric drum machines are an important part of today’s electric music, and Yamaha’s new electronic drum machine is no exception.The Yamaha DX1000 was developed by Yamaha’s Electronic Dynamics team.Its electric motors generate power from a rechargeable battery, and the drum machine also has an onboard digital-to-analog converter.It comes with an array […]