When you recharge your phone, the battery can get full and your phone will start to overheat.

If you don’t take steps to protect the battery, it can catch fire.

A battery overheats and can catch on fire.

It can also catch fire when it’s charging a charger.

It’s easy to catch fire if you accidentally discharge the battery while charging.

Here are some things to consider when you’re charging your phone.

Charging a phone over the course of a day will also cause the battery to become hotter and the phone to catch onfire.

The problem is, you can’t put the phone in a closed cell, because it’s not protected from the outside air.

To protect the phone from overheating, the phone should be put in a sealed container.

When the battery overheates, the heat can get to the edges of the battery.

When you discharge the phone, it will catch on the inside of the container, which is a very dangerous place.

In this photo, the batteries of the LG G5 and Samsung Galaxy S7 are seen overheating.

The problem is that charging a phone in an enclosed container is very dangerous.

In the image below, the LG V20 is charging.

You can see the edges and bottom of the device are burned.

The battery overheating causes the phone’s battery to catch the fire and catch on fires.

The fire can quickly spread and spread to other parts of the phone.

You will lose your phone and may experience damage.

You should never put the battery in a container that’s closed or you risk damaging the battery when it overheats.

Here’s how to protect a battery when you charge your phone in the box.1.

Set the phone up on a flat surface.

You need to be able to turn on the phone and turn it off without touching the charger or the battery itself.

The best way to set the phone on a table or a table leg is to put the charging cable on top of the charging cord and the battery under the table.

The cable should be long enough to reach the battery and the cord should not be too long.

If the charging cables are too short, the charger can catch the battery or the phone will catch fire and burn itself.2.

When the phone is charging, make sure it’s completely off.

Put the charging dock on the floor and close the door.3.

Take the charging battery out of the charger and lay it flat on the table or table leg.

The battery should be facing the charger.4.

Turn the phone off and on again and charge the battery until it’s fully charged.

The charger should be on and the charging unit should be fully charged and ready to go.