Electronic repair shops are known to have a reputation for stealing equipment, but what happens when your electrical wiring has been damaged?

That’s where Electron withdrawing groups come in.

These are groups of electronics enthusiasts that use a small electrical box and a little money to buy electronics that they can repair or replace at a cost of around $25 to $30.

It is not uncommon for groups to be able to find the repair needed for any particular part or component.

The group has a network of electrical experts, technicians and repair technicians who can work out the best way to repair and/or replace a damaged or missing electrical component, as well as get parts for the repair, for an even lower price.

“Electronics are very cheap to replace, so they can be very expensive to replace,” said Rob Withers, a member of Electron pulling groups, on Monday.

“You can usually find it on eBay for $20 or less.”

Electron pulling has become an increasingly popular hobby for electronic hobbyists.

Photo: SuppliedA number of companies are offering a free service, offering to buy your electronic equipment for you, as long as you have a working electrical box.

“We just need a little bit of cash to get the electronics out, and then we can do some of the other stuff,” said Tim Witherson, a former Electrical Engineer with the Sydney City Council.

“If the person is going to buy the stuff, they can get it repaired for $10 or $15, and they get it back for free,” Mr Withersen said.

But he said that sometimes the people involved in the group will not have a spare electrical box to fix or replace the electrical part.

“They can buy a few of these things for $2 or $3, and some of these guys can be as much as $100,” Mr Vereen said.

“Some of the guys that come to us can afford it, and sometimes they’re going to go to a lot of people and say ‘Hey, you know, I just bought this for $100, but I just need it to be repaired and replaced.'”