This is the best deal of the year for electronics buyers.

Best Buy’s new online store will offer more than 70,000 magnesium-electron configurations, ranging from $10 to $99, and will also offer the same savings at and, as well as on BestBuy’s new smartphone app.

It will also be available at select Best Buy stores nationwide, including the Staples and Sears locations.

BestBuy is the third-largest electronics retailer in the U.S. Best buy’s store locations also include Best Buy Mobile stores, which offer an assortment of electronics for $5 to $12.

Bestbuy’s online store is the most extensive of the three, with more than 1,500 locations.

The stores are staffed by people who have sold electronics at Bestbuy stores for a decade.

“Our goal is to be a destination that is a great place to shop and get great deals,” said Mark Schmitt, vice president of retail and technology, in a statement.

“Best Buy’s online inventory is built for the modern consumer and we are excited to offer our customers more options.”

Best Buy is selling its new smartphones on Best for $99.

BestBought, BestBuy Mobile and BestBuy Smartphone are also selling BestBuy hardware and accessories.

The company’s new tablet, the Amazon Fire tablet, is $199.

BestDeal’s Android app is available for free on Android devices.