The world’s first electronic game console is expected to debut this month in a small village outside Moscow, the first step toward a wider market for the hardware.

In a conference call on Tuesday, Mikhail Prokopov, the chief executive officer of the Moscow-based Energia, which owns and operates the machine, said it is scheduled to debut at the start of September in a village outside the city of Tomsk.

The Energias latest console is a hybrid of a computer and a video game console, Prokow said, and it will run on the company’s own proprietary processor, with support for the popular Linux operating system.

The machine, which costs around $1,400, can run the game Minecraft and the popular Crysis 3, Prokshunov said, adding that it is the first machine to run Windows 8.1, a version of the operating system that is expected by year’s end.

In addition to games, EnergĂ­a plans to launch a line of e-sports and online competitions, as well as a smartphone app, a website and more.

The machine will also support streaming video from video-sharing services such as Twitch.

“We will have more to announce in the near future, but this is a step forward for the digital industry,” Prokov said.

“We have made it possible for players to experience games, even in a virtual world, in the most realistic way possible.”

Energia plans to open the machines to the public later this year, but it said the platform will remain closed to outside investors until the end of the year.

The company did not say how many machines it planned to offer.

The company is also working on a digital game console that will compete with consoles made by Sony Corp., Microsoft Corp. and Nintendo Co.

Energias initial goal is to sell 5,000 units in its first year of operation.

Its biggest competitors include the Nintendo 3DS game console and the Sony PlayStation 3, which both sell for $200.

E-sports fans are eagerly awaiting the arrival of a digital version of Minecraft.

They have already made several video-game consoles, but a dedicated gaming device is expected before the end-of-year holidays.

Prokogov said that Energiac’s new console will be the first digital console to support gaming.

Energiia will not be the only company in the e-sport arena looking to make a splash.

Last month, Electronic Arts Inc. launched its first-ever game console for Xbox 360, an operating system called Xbox Live Arcade.