With more than two dozen devices in our homes, it can be hard to know what we’re using and where it’s going.

So we asked an expert in the field to give us a quick rundown of the basics and what you should look for when buying a new electronic kit.

The basics of an electronic deviceWe recommend using a device that is not too noisy.

Do not use it when it’s plugged into a wall outlet.

Do use it only when it is fully charged.

Do keep the device in the dark when not in use.

The electronics in an electronic kits should be a minimum of two feet in length.

They should be able to accept standard AA batteries, which are commonly found in cell phones and other portable electronic devices.

If your electronics kit has a battery compartment, it should be made of plastic or glass.

You may want to check that it has a screw-down safety feature.

If you have a battery-powered device that will use more power than your battery, such as a portable stereo, do not plug it into an outlet.

Instead, use the power from a wall socket or power outlet in a bedroom.

You can also use the battery of an outlet on the floor in the bedroom.

We recommend buying a low-cost, low-wattage battery that is designed for use on your own.

If your battery is designed to use a certain wattage or voltage, it will not be safe to use it in a device.

Do not charge an electronic system in a dark room.

The electronics can be damaged by too much light, so it is best to charge it at night.

If the battery needs to be charged to the proper voltage, the device can be charged from a nearby outlet.

You should always use an outlet in your home that does not have a built-in power source, such a wall switch, electrical cord, or wall outlet charger.

Do NOT use an electrical kit in a kitchen.

If you are using an electrical device to charge your device, it could damage the device.

The same rules apply if you are charging your device in a microwave oven.