The online electronics retailer Fry’s Electronic Store sells cool gadgets such as computers, laptops, microwaves and refrigerators online for $5 a pop.

“It’s a good way to get into electronics for the younger demographic,” said co-owner Tony G. Fry.

Gifts for kids are also available online.

“There are so many toys and games available online that we would be thrilled to have the kids on our side,” said G.H. Fry, Fry’s sales manager.

Fry’s is a major player in the online electronics business.

“We have some of the largest online shopping in the country and we sell more than 10 million products a year,” said Fry’s CEO, David LeBlanc.

Frys is the largest distributor of electronics to Canada, with the largest number of customers in North America.

“That’s a huge market for us, and it gives us great visibility into what the kids are looking for, and we’re trying to help,” LeBlac said.

He said Fry will be selling electronics at the Fry’s online store starting Jan. 2.

“They’re a really, really cool little business, and they are growing really fast,” Leblanc said.

The Fry’s Online Store is located in Toronto.