The closing of Fry’s electronics chain in Atlanta will be the last of the popular electronics brand in the U.S., its owners announced Monday.

The move will close Fry’s in Georgia, where the chain’s online store and online shopping site are located, according to Fry’s, which will also shut down its online store at a new location in Miami.

Fry’s also plans to close its brick-and-mortar locations, as well as its website, on Nov, 15.

“We’re extremely proud to announce that Fry’s has announced the closing of its online retail business in Georgia on November 15, 2017,” said Greg Cook, chairman and CEO of Fry Foods, in a statement.

“The Fry’s Brands website and Fry’s online shopping will remain open for Fry’s customers to shop online and use Fry’s branded products.”

Fry Foods was founded in Atlanta in 2003 by John Fry and his wife, Jennifer, and is now owned by Fry Foods Enterprises, a holding company for the business.

The company has been in a holding pattern since 2009.

Frys parent company, Fry’s Foods Group, announced last year that the chain would shut down by the end of 2017.