Fox Sports, the sports channel, is reporting that Apple is looking to add the “electron” to its television sets as a way to give the TV a touch of digitalism.

The “electronic” element, Fox said, will be integrated into the back panel of Apple TVs, allowing for an “electronics” feel.

It will also be integrated onto the front panel of the TV, which will be a touch panel, as opposed to the traditional LCD.

The TV will also include “electrodes” that are meant to be used to connect the TV to the computer, as well as Bluetooth chips that can connect to Apple devices.

Fox also reported that Apple has hired “a team of engineers to create a prototype for the Apple TV” that will allow it to run software from the tvOS 10.6.0 software.

Fox’s report comes amid rumors of a $1,000 price tag for the new Apple TV, and the potential of Apple’s tvOS 9 operating system, which is due out in the coming months.

Apple TV owners can purchase an Apple TV for $99.99, and they can also get a second Apple TV from Best Buy for $149.99.

The new Apple TVs are expected to ship around the end of March, according to Fox.