Electronic toys like eBays electronic whistles and the electronic whistler are popular among younger children.

They’re also a popular item in toy stores.

Now the online retailer will sell them through its website, Ebay.com, the company said Wednesday. 

Electronic toys like the whistles are popular in the U.S. and other countries. 

They are often found in toy shops, toy markets and at toy retailers like Wal-Mart and Toys “R” Us.

They also are popular at Ebay, a site that specializes in the sale of used electronics. 

EBay.com said Wednesday it has agreed to sell up to 20 electronic whistlers to retailers who sell them online.

The online retailer said it would begin selling the whistlers in April. 

“We are excited to bring these amazing toys to the American marketplace,” said Craig L. Anderson, CEO of Ebay Inc., the company that owns Ebay and sells its own electronic toys.

“We are proud to partner with the American toy market to bring the world’s greatest toy brands to life for the first time.” 

Ebay said the whistler range includes “electric whistles, electronic toys that include whistles” and a “toy whistle,” or a whistle that sounds like an electric guitar.

It also includes a “buzzer whistle,” which is similar to a vibrating toy whistle. 

The whistle range will include a number of whistles for kids ages 6 and up, including a “bubble whistle,” “fairy whistle,” and “magic whistle,” as well as a “piano whistle.” 

“The new range will help families and young children explore the world of electronic toys by bringing them together and offering a fun, exciting, and affordable way to play with toys,” Anderson said. 

While the whistling range is available to buy online, it’s not currently available for purchase in stores. 

Toys “R’ Us, which makes the whistled versions of the eBoys electronic toys and is a major competitor in the toy market, is offering the whistlings for sale through the online toy marketplace.

Toys “r” Us said it is working with Toys “B” and “C” to produce more of the whistls. 

(Editing by David Gregorio and Cynthia Johnston)