Apple’s ‘novelty’ of payment option could open up more money for consumers

Apple has begun offering a payment option for users with its Apple Pay and Apple Pay Cash cards.Apple says users will be able to use the card to pay for Apple products and services, and to pay in Apple Pay using their Apple Pay debit or credit cards.The new Apple Pay card has been available […]

How to configure Oxygen Electrons for Your Next Home Energy Production

The first thing you need to do to make your home an Oxygen Energy Generator is to find out how it works.Oxygen electrons are a type of electrical current that travel through your home and are created when a small amount of oxygen is introduced into your home.The more oxygen you add, the higher the […]

What is silicon?

A silicon oxide (SiO) battery is made from a silicon wafer with a hole punched through the center.In a vacuum, the wafer’s atoms align themselves in a pattern that makes the material perform a number of useful functions, such as storing energy in the battery and reducing its wear and tear on its electrodes.The pattern […]

How to save your money on sulfur dioxide

As the world heats up and air pollution grows, there are some new ways to save money.In Australia, we can now find out what sulfur dioxide emissions can and cannot do to your health.But we can’t afford to pay a lot of attention to the fact that sulphur dioxide is a greenhouse gas.We’ve been burning […]

When you put sodium nitrate in water, it produces a chlorine-like electron configuration (Photo)

Posted October 02, 2019 11:24:31Samsung Electronics (005930) and Japanese semiconductor company NTT Docomo announced that they had developed an electronic toy that uses nickel, carbon, and silicon as a catalyst for the production of a hydrogen electron.NTT Docomos research assistant Kazuaki Nishimura, a senior research engineer at Samsung Electronics, says that this new prototype “is […]

How to make helium electron configurations

How to create helium electron systems using a combination of lithium, potassium, cobalt and iron electrodes, and make a battery.The goal of this article is to help you create your own helium electron system.1.The basic ideaFirst, you need to figure out which electrolytes you are using for your battery.You can buy a few different electrolytes, […]

Which of the fluorine atoms has the greatest electric charge?

By 2020, the world will need to buy about 5.7 billion metric tons of fluorine-99.7 percent of which is needed for industrial use.The rest will be used for domestic use, in vaccines, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.But the energy density of fluorines has remained constant, according to the researchers at the University of California, San Diego.The key […]

How to keep your electrical equipment from being stolen

Electronic repair shops are known to have a reputation for stealing equipment, but what happens when your electrical wiring has been damaged?That’s where Electron withdrawing groups come in.These are groups of electronics enthusiasts that use a small electrical box and a little money to buy electronics that they can repair or replace at a cost […]

How to listen to electronic drums

This article first appeared in New Scientist magazine.A soundcard is the perfect way to capture an audio signal from a digital instrument and combine it with your computer’s built-in microphone.You can even control the soundcard itself using a microphone and a computer keyboard.But what if you’re using an analogue or digital drum machine?The answer is […]

Why China’s electric vehicle sales will reach 1 billion in 2020, but not yet the billion mark

China’s car sales will hit a record 1 billion units this year, according to a new report.The figure is expected to grow by over 500 percent from 2017, according an estimate by China Automotive Research, a Beijing-based think tank.“China will be the biggest market for electric vehicles in the world in 2020,” the report said, […]