What are electron configuration calculators and why do they matter?

Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) researcher, Michael Shulman, has an article in the IEEE Transactions on Information Theory about electron configuration machines, which are the heart of quantum computing.He writes, “The first electronic circuit consists of a single bit of silicon, a single resistor, and a small voltage divider, and the second electronic circuit is made […]

Fry’s Electronics closing its doors on Nov. 15

The closing of Fry’s electronics chain in Atlanta will be the last of the popular electronics brand in the U.S., its owners announced Monday.The move will close Fry’s in Georgia, where the chain’s online store and online shopping site are located, according to Fry’s, which will also shut down its online store at a new […]

How to Make a Solar-Flexible, Low-Cost Solar-Electric Generator

How to Build a Low-Price Solar-Powered Generator, or Low-cost Solar-Generator, for Home Use article I recently purchased a new home.The house is not as nice as my old house.The outside has been covered in graffiti.It has mold on the outside of the house, which I was unable to fix.There is a small hole in the […]

Samsung Electronics, Panasonic, LG Electronics to enter a joint venture to bring solar power to the grid

Samsung Electronics has joined Panasonic Corp., LG Electronics, and Sharp Corp. in a joint bid to bring electricity from solar panels to the power grid.In a statement, Samsung said the joint venture will enable it to produce solar panels with more than 10 times the energy efficiency of today’s commercially available products.Samsung said the two […]

U.S. to give up bulk mail on paper recycling by 2021

By DANIEL LEHMAN Editor-in-ChiefThe United States is about to give in to pressure to scrap paper recycling and will abandon bulk mail as an electronic recycling option, the National Recycling Council said in a report Wednesday.The council, an industry group that represents companies that recycle, recycles and recyclizes paper, said it would be dropping its […]

When the Bromine Valence Electron Gets Stuck, You Might Be Able to Get Out of the Problem

When the electron spins and spins and starts to spin again, its bound by an antiferromagnetic charge called bromine.This charge slows the electron’s spin by reducing the amount of electrons that are able to travel from the outside of the nucleus to the inside.When the antiferrimagnetic charge is removed, the electron has a much easier […]

How to Make a Silicon Valence Electron Source Axios

Silicon valence electron has a positive charge and a negative charge.It can be used to make a silicon transistor and conduct electricity.But what is the best way to make silicon valences?A team of researchers at the National University of Singapore has developed a novel approach to making silicon valance electrons, which are the electrons that […]

US military wants to use aluminum to build nuclear weapons

Axios article US military officials have quietly begun work on a project to use lithium to build a nuclear weapon, according to a top official familiar with the plans.The development is expected to be completed this year and would give the U.S. the ability to build two of the most advanced nuclear weapons ever, according […]

Best electronic cigarette? – Best electronic cigarettes

Electronic cigarette manufacturers have a lot to celebrate with the recent launch of the popular, and often controversial, e-cigarette, according to a recent poll by Bloomberg News and Public Policy Polling.According to the poll, which was conducted from August 1 through August 7, the most popular e-cigarettes were: the e-cig from Vapourizer, which has received […]

Which car electronics are you most excited about this year?

The 2018 model year will bring some exciting new additions to the automotive tech industry, including a new flagship car and a brand new vehicle that is supposed to be the world’s first all-electric vehicle.The 2019 Corvette Z06 will feature a powertrain that is believed to be one of the best in the industry.While some […]