How does the electron do it?

This is the first in a series of articles about the electron, or “quark,” in quantum computing.The electron is one of the smallest, smallest particles known to science, weighing just 3.6 trillion electron protons and neutrons.Its existence has been a source of fascination since the 1960s, when a team led by Richard Feynman used a […]

Liquid fluorine electronic cleaner

Liquid fluorines are the new high-end electronic cleaners and are now being used in all manner of products from tablets to washing machines.┬áThe latest news in liquid fluorine comes from a study of the performance of liquid fluorines in washing machines by researchers from the University of Sydney and The University of Manchester.The researchers tested […]


In the 1950s, the first electronic devices were sold in the US by a German company called B. & C. Gottlieb.By the 1960s, Gottliebs electronic components were used by major manufacturers like Panasonic, Toshiba, Tosco, IBM, and Hewlett-Packard.As the company’s electronic business grew, so did the BORO business.In 1985, Gottlies products were found in a […]

How to Make an Electronically Controlled Chip for Driving the World’s Next Biggest Solar Power Generator

By the time solar power is deployed in every corner of the globe, it will have revolutionized energy generation.With this technology, it is possible to harness vast amounts of energy from a single, massive sun-powered power plant, and in so doing produce enough electricity for every household in the world.In the United States, it’s estimated […]

Which electronics will be made with the new ‘electronium’ material?

The discovery of the new compound, known as ‘electrons’, is an important step towards making electronics with the right properties.These new compounds are able to store more energy and produce more light, making them an ideal conductor for electronic devices, which rely on electricity.“There’s a huge amount of research that’s been done on the properties […]

How do the electrons in the ionosphere interact with the world around them?

The electronosphere, or ionosphere, is a layer of electrically charged air and water molecules.The ionosphere is the boundary between the Earth’s atmosphere and the solar atmosphere, and acts as a barrier between the two.Like the earth’s atmosphere, it is composed of electrified air molecules.In this case, electrons are the ions of the air.They interact with […]

How to buy the best buy electronics for your home

If you’ve ever wondered which products you should buy based on the best price, the Periodic Table of Elements will help you decide.The periodic table shows that things that happen in cycles will repeat themselves again and again.Periodic tables are a way of keeping track of cycles by using a repeating sequence of symbols.The Periodic […]

The mystery of the electron microscope

By John Walker The electron microscope has never been as good at revealing the inner workings of molecules as it is now.But this has been because its primary function has always been to look for patterns and details in molecules.The latest example of this is the study of the valence electrons of proteins, which have […]

US companies hire robots for automation, healthcare work

Electronic-delivery giant FedEx says it is hiring more than 3,000 new robotic employees to help deliver packages to customers and the company says it’s also opening up more jobs to people with disabilities.The company is rolling out the new hires at its headquarters in Trenton, New Jersey, as part of a strategy to expand its […]

Why you should keep an eye on the cheap electronics coming to the US: Consumer Reports

The consumer-reporting company Consumer Reports has released a new report, warning that many cheap electronics can cause health problems.The report, called Cheap Electronics, details what’s available on the market today and what consumers should do to make sure they’re purchasing quality goods.Here’s a look at what to look for.1.Cheap electronics are more dangerous than ever […]