Tesla’s new lithium ion battery could go up to 500 miles per charge

By Tom Gilliam and Alex Seaman / Bloomberg New York, Oct. 10 (Bloomberg) Tesla Motors Inc. is unveiling a new battery pack that promises to surpass the company’s previous lithium ion technology.Tesla CEO Elon Musk is calling it the Tesla Energy Battery.The lithium ion batteries are being designed to use a new process to separate […]

How to Build a Wi-Fi Camera with Raspberry Pi 2 with Arduino code

The Raspberry Pi is the computer you need to build anything.The hardware is great, the software is great and the development community is amazing.The Pi 2, however, is not the most powerful PC around, and you need a Pi 2 in your kit to make it work.And, while there are lots of tutorials and books […]

Silver Ion Configuration Scanning Electron Microscope Reveals Electron-Wearing Chemical Receptors in the Heart of the Body

Posted January 11, 2019 11:04:23A new study published in the Journal of Chemical Education has identified new and highly promising features of the silver ion configuration scanning electron microscopy (SISEM) electron microscope and the electrochemical process that generates them.The study was conducted by Dr. Michael A. Miller, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mechanical […]

How to get a brand new Walmart electronic product into your life

Walmart and electronics company Electrolux have teamed up to make a new Walmart gift card that’s “just like a credit card” for consumers.Electrolux, which sells the Walmarts $10, $20, $50 and $100 credit cards, said in a statement that it was pleased to partner with Walmart.“Electro, one of the world’s largest electronic retailers, has a […]

Electronic components, iodine valences and ions

The Indian Institute of Technology has developed electronic components of iodine and valence, which could make them useful in various types of electronic devices, said a report in the IIT Daily.The paper by the institute’s Department of Chemistry and Nanotechnology said the research team led by Professor Rajat Bhanu Mehta of IIT-Delhi, and their supervisor […]

How to use the electron affinity graph

You can use electron affinity charts to determine how fast your device can transfer data.Electron affinity charts are not a foolproof way to figure out what speed your device will be able to transfer data at.You need to measure the speed of your data transfer before you can make any decisions about how fast you […]

The ‘biggest thing’ in a billion years’

It’s a simple question: What does the universe look like when it’s billions of light-years away?And the answer, as it turns out, is something pretty big.In the last few years, physicists have discovered that the universe contains a vast amount of matter and energy — something we’ve only just begun to discover.And, as with any […]

How to Make the Most of Vanadium Electron Components

The Vanadium atom is a semiconductor.It’s used to make electronic components, like switches and sensors, but is also used in some of the most basic of all electronics: the radio.When it comes to radio communications, it’s a bit different.The atoms of the two most common kinds of electrons (called proton and electron) are very different.Protons […]

The Fluorine Electron Configuration is a New Device to Use to Improve Energy Conversion Efficiency

In the first-ever demonstration of a new electron configuration, researchers at the University of California, Berkeley have demonstrated how an electron with an unstable (or “flippy”) state can be converted into a liquid with a stable (or, “flipped”) state.Their work was published in the journal ACS Nano.The researchers created a new, liquid-like state in a […]

How to buy the hottest new electric thermometers

The hottest new thermostat is the ElectroMeter, a $4,000 device that promises to keep your house cool.It uses an electric current to charge a battery.The device is available in three sizes: $300 for the larger model, $300 with an extra battery, and $400 with an additional battery.It also comes with an “electrostatic force” that moves […]