US companies hire robots for automation, healthcare work

Electronic-delivery giant FedEx says it is hiring more than 3,000 new robotic employees to help deliver packages to customers and the company says it’s also opening up more jobs to people with disabilities.The company is rolling out the new hires at its headquarters in Trenton, New Jersey, as part of a strategy to expand its […]

How to Make an Electron Rocket from a Tiny Cube

Posted April 02, 2018 07:33:22This week we’re going to show you how to make a small, compact rocket using the electron shell.Electron shells, or electron motors, are tiny, compact motors that can use electromagnetic fields to propel themselves.A typical electron motor has four motors, and each motor has two electrodes.This is because it takes a […]

‘Electronic Door Lock’ game to launch in 2017

Electronic door locks have a history that dates back decades.But now, they may finally be getting a second life.Electronic door lock technology could be in a new category, and it’s a little bit like the game-changing technology of the 1980s, says David Smith, chief executive officer of the International Electric Door Lock Association (IEDLA).He predicts […]

Consumer Electronics: What you need to know about the battery pack

Electronvolt, which is now known as LG Electronics’ lg electronics division, is the battery technology used in some of the world’s most popular consumer electronics products.It’s also the chip that powers the LG G4, the Samsung Galaxy S6 and other top-tier smartphones.Electron volt has been the subject of intense scrutiny and a number of patents […]

Why does the water on our planet look red?

The atmosphere is a big part of the picture.The surface layer is red because it contains a lot of hydrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide.It is a lot denser than the surface of the earth.Water absorbs the light reflected from the sun and reflects it back.That light then bounces back and forth on the surface.This radiation […]

Why you should never leave your e-cigarettes out of reach

The best electronic cigarettes have been around for decades, but the best quality ones are getting a new lease on life.As a result, many of the best electronic devices now available to users are now available for free to anyone with an internet connection.This year, a new breed of e-cigarette is on the horizon, and […]

Why you should keep an eye on the cheap electronics coming to the US: Consumer Reports

The consumer-reporting company Consumer Reports has released a new report, warning that many cheap electronics can cause health problems.The report, called Cheap Electronics, details what’s available on the market today and what consumers should do to make sure they’re purchasing quality goods.Here’s a look at what to look for.1.Cheap electronics are more dangerous than ever […]

Which colors of light make the best flashlight?

electron microscope image 1 of 1 Image courtesy of electron microscope The best flashlight is always the one that delivers the highest efficiency image 2 of 1 electron microscope article electron microsc,image 3 of 1 source Enga…

How a new drug could revolutionize the way we vape

As a new generation of electronic cigarettes is being developed, researchers are looking at how they might interact with the existing world of cigarette smoke.But researchers are also looking at ways to tweak the chemistry of e-cigarettes to better mimic the taste of traditional cigarettes.“We need to figure out how we can change the chemistry […]

When Phosphorus Is More Than a Chemical Element

Phosphorous is a ubiquitous element in electronics, including the semiconductor industry, where it plays a critical role in the manufacturing process.But the element’s chemical properties are also fascinating to researchers and the general public.In this article, we’ll take a look at what the element is and how it behaves.Read More