Apple’s ‘novelty’ of payment option could open up more money for consumers

Apple has begun offering a payment option for users with its Apple Pay and Apple Pay Cash cards.Apple says users will be able to use the card to pay for Apple products and services, and to pay in Apple Pay using their Apple Pay debit or credit cards.The new Apple Pay card has been available […]

How to make electronic christmastime cards from electronic Christmas cards

It’s been over 20 years since Electronic Christmas cards were introduced to the US market.Now they’re back and they’re not pretty.But with the help of a small team of dedicated makers, you can make your own digital Christmas cards.We’re going to show you how to get started.1.Buy a set of electronic Christmas card frames online2.Start […]

How to configure Oxygen Electrons for Your Next Home Energy Production

The first thing you need to do to make your home an Oxygen Energy Generator is to find out how it works.Oxygen electrons are a type of electrical current that travel through your home and are created when a small amount of oxygen is introduced into your home.The more oxygen you add, the higher the […]

When Is the Best Time to Purchase a Digital Camera?

Costco Electronics offers two models of the Zinc electron and a silver version.The silver version comes in at $3,699 while the Zinexion costs $3 (which is less than half of the silver model).The silver and Zinextion are two different options for buying a digital camera that offer different features and different specifications.The two cameras are […]

What is silicon?

A silicon oxide (SiO) battery is made from a silicon wafer with a hole punched through the center.In a vacuum, the wafer’s atoms align themselves in a pattern that makes the material perform a number of useful functions, such as storing energy in the battery and reducing its wear and tear on its electrodes.The pattern […]

What you need to know about the latest chemical reactions

Oxygen is the lifeblood of all life, and scientists are now looking at how it’s broken down.Oxygen molecules are made up of oxygen atoms bonded together.The bond can be broken up by chemical reactions.Here are some of the reactions happening in the body, and how that works.1.Oxyneurons are born Oxyneurologists call this the “bonding” of […]

How to use a smartphone with Philips Electronics to control a remote control

A remote control from a smartphone, and a few other gadgets, are the best way to control some of the most common electronic devices on the market.That includes smart speakers, light bulbs, cameras, even a smart home hub.However, if you need to control something else, it’s a bit trickier.To control a device, you’ll need to […]

Why does the Internet have so much calcium?

The internet has lots of calcium.A new study published in the journal Nature Nanotechnology found that when researchers injected calcium atoms into the skin of mice, the calcium ions changed their behavior.That’s important because it means that the calcium atoms may be more important to the human body than the silicon atoms that make up […]

A study finds a barium ion can be used to detect electronic signatures in electronic signatures

By Jennifer WillsBuzzfeedA study finds barium ions can be detected in electronic signature PDFs.It’s an interesting and novel result, but one that requires further research.The new research paper, published in the journal ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, is titled “An optical barium-based device for detection of electronic signatures.”It’s written by researchers at the University of […]

How to use electron transport chains to accelerate your battery pack

It’s a new and different approach to batteries that promises to deliver up to 25% energy savings and to accelerate a battery’s lifespan.The new technology, known as the electron transport system (ETS), could allow batteries to be used in electric cars, solar panels, and other electric vehicles, according to Bloomberg News.ETS is a system of […]