How to make the perfect coffee filter

Coffee filters can be used to make a great tasting, but less expensive alternative to a plastic cup, but a new paper by researchers at MIT has found that the filters’ design and efficiency are just as important as the quality.The paper, published today in the journal Environmental Science & Technology, examines the performance of […]

Why China’s electric vehicle sales will reach 1 billion in 2020, but not yet the billion mark

China’s car sales will hit a record 1 billion units this year, according to a new report.The figure is expected to grow by over 500 percent from 2017, according an estimate by China Automotive Research, a Beijing-based think tank.“China will be the biggest market for electric vehicles in the world in 2020,” the report said, […]

How a supercomputer could help make life better

An ultra-deep quantum computer may be able to solve some of the toughest problems in science and engineering.The team at the University of Edinburgh is developing a quantum computer with quantum bits that could help solve some fundamental problems in chemistry and medicine, including drug discovery, and could be used in other areas of research.Quantum […]